Emily Burchfield

Hello and welcome! As a psychotherapist, I am often inspired by the power and resiliency of the human spirit. I have borne witness to the pain and suffering of others and seen them walk through the fire to get to a place of harmony and contentment. When one has the courage to face their struggles, growth, empowerment, and positive change can occur.

As we all know, the human experience is a messy and complicated assortment of both joy and pain, gain and loss, sickness and health. So what keeps people stuck in pain, loss, and sickness? I believe that a lack of balance is the missing ingredient. One may have a tendency to internalize their thoughts and feelings by avoiding, numbing, or stuffing them, while another may have a tendency to externalize their thoughts and feelings by acting out or behaving impulsively. Both represent an imbalance. The purpose of therapy is to help empower people allowing them to achieve balance by working towards obtaining harmony, faith, hope, and connection. As a dedicated professional, my role is to provide guidance and support, empathy and compassion, safety and positive regard. Health and wellness are within your reach. What are you waiting for?

Postpartum Support International Certificate of Completion

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